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We supply wholesale and retail custom framing to Artists, Interior Designers, Photographers, Developers, Large Corporate Bodies and the General Public. We have a large warehouse and showroom on the corner of Pappas Way and Spencer Road, Carrara, equipped with specialized commercial grade framing equipment, ready for your next framing project. No job too big or small. Our certified picture framers are experts in all facets of custom framing and they are passionate about their profession. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, attention to detail and flawless finishes we deliver to our clients.


Over 40 things we have custom framed


Paintings, photographs, posters, papyrus, cross-stitch, cricket bats, sports jerseys, drum sticks, record albums, mirrors, hats, golf balls, war medals, shovels, swim suits, canvases, boxing gloves, horse racing whips, wine glasses, swimming caps, motor racing suits, business suits, necklaces, hands and feet impressions, police tyre spike, maps, diplomas and certificates, swords, boxing shorts, belt buckles, railway nails, army badges, 120 year old certificate, graduation hats, bouquets, rugs, coins, jigsaw puzzles, christening dresses, porcelain plates, coral, clocks, knives and even the side skirting of a Holden ute. The list just goes on and on! There are many you can frame, the sky is really the limit! Gather your things and visit our store for a complimentary design consultation.


Your complimentary design consultation awaits you


Choose from our huge range of frames, matboard colours, glazing options, mounting options and framing styles to create your next perfect custom frame.  It’s important we know what your art means to you, as there are many grades of materials available, from decorative through to conservation framing. The difference in the grades of materials can alter the longevity of your art.  Our certified framers can give you the right advice and show you some neat custom framing ideas during your framing consultation. Your complimentary design consultation awaits you, bring your items into our store anytime between Monday to Friday from 8.00am – 5.00pm.


Memorabilia framing is our forte


Our certified framers are passionate about memorabilia framing, it’s by far one of our favourite things to frame. We love the history associated with memorabilia, furthermore, we love seeing the clients faces on collection, it is very rewarding. We have framed some really awesome memorabilia over the years, including an ACDC guitar, Courtney Hancock swim suit, Phil Collins Drum Stick, Signed Michael Hutchins Record to name a few. Our favourite experience was having ZZ Top lead Singer and Guitarist, Billy F Gibbons and Hot Rod Builder, Jimmy Shine, visited our store in 2016 to personally autograph some memorabilia for a charity auction. To have your memorabilia framed, gather all your things and bring them into our store for a complimentary design consultation.


Have your canvas stretched onto a frame


Have you been overseas lately and purchased a painted canvas that the vendor removed from the wooden frame? I bet you would love to have your canvas stretched back on to the wooden frame, right?.  No problem! This process is commonly known in “picture framing terms” as canvas stretching. We have a variety of canvas stretcher frames that have been specifically made for this project. Another way of framing a canvas is to frame it as you would a photograph. We recommend you bring your canvas to our store so we can help choose the most suitable custom framing solution for you


Design your dream Mirror


Create your own beautifully designer custom framed mirror in a style and design you like. Our mirrors come in any size and can have a bevel or polished edged. Choose one large feature mirror or have multi panels to make up one mirror. Choose from our extensive range of frames to create your own unique framed mirror.  Mix it up and add two or three frames for a designer edge.  Visit our showroom to discuss your dream mirror.


Matboard Cut to size


Pink, black, blue, white, whatever your heart desires, choose from our extensive range of colours, grades and finishes. To have your matboard cut to size, we require external and internal measurements. If you have an existing frame already, to determine the external size, measure the rebate of the frame. To determine the internal size, measure the artwork and deduct 10mm off the measurement.  If you are unsure, bring your frame and artwork in to our store and we can measure it for you.


Back board Cut to Size


Choose from a variety of back board options including 5mm self adhesive and non-adhesive, 3mm adhesive and non-adhesive, and 3, 6 or 9mm MDF. We can cut your backing board to size or supply by the sheet.


Glass Replacement – Check your picture frame cord annually


Did you know the most common reason for broken picture frame glass is due to a depleted cord. Poorly manufactured or cheap picture frame cord weakens over time with age, to the point you can literally pull it apart in your hands effortlessly. For this reason, we highly recommend you inspect the cord on your wall hung frames annually and replace it if necessary.  In the event you do encounter broken picture frame glass, we can replace it with glazing options such as standard, non reflective, 99% UV, museum, or acrylic. We can supply glass cut to size for you to fit, or we can fit it for you.


Picture Frame Repairs


Many times our framers are magicians at fixing a broken frame,however, unfortunately at times it’s best to throw your old frame away and choose a new frame to replace it. The only way to know for sure is to bring your frame into our store and our framers can assess the damage and give you their best advice.


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